Huset Shop {New Scandinavian Design Shop}

Your suggestions mean a lot to me, and despite how far behind I am lately on responding to email - I do read them and enjoy hearing from you, especially when you send me great links to places you shop or to things that inspire you. Reader Gilly recently wrote in from eka and her suggestion ended up here as a post because she shared with me a brand new store (never been blogged!) and certainly stocks great things. Check it out.

Gilly wrote, "I have a little gem of a shop to tell you about. It's a Scandinavian webshop situated in Malibu. I was contacted by the owner, Holly, when she told me she wanted to buy a few of my accessories for her shop in Malibu, I was pretty surprised as I am a small UK designer situated in Sweden."

She continues, "The shop has just opened to the world and I have been reading your lovely blog for a while now and when I saw that she had home furnishings as well as textiles (this will be a massive hit I think) lighting and all I just knew you would need to know about it! Have a look at Huset Shop when you have a moment, I know you won't be disappointed. Have a little look at the hats and bags by eka if you have time to browse (they're mine : ) If you want to contact the store owner, she is a lovely Swedish girl called Holly Hallberg. Enjoy!" -Gilly

What a pleasure to receive such a nice email and of course, a fantastic link because this store is not only based in California but accessible online for placing orders - both really great for those of us in the US because it's so crazy expensive to order these things and have them shipped over. Huset stocks those fab teak table stands from Design House Stockholm (they are fantastic and affordable), I've had my eye on them since seeing them in Living Etc. magazine last year. I was recently very tempted (design devil on my left shoulder) when I was in Sweden to purchase one, but unable to cart it home on the plane, I was able to avoid the little voice. But, now a new temptation has arrived - I can have one shipped to me at home. Sigh.

Huset also carries the 3 and the 2 tier dessert stands from Bengt & Lotta (also a stool for the kitchen in this pattern) and tea towels by Hau Hauz and defyra. She stocks a few Barbapappa things (they're French, I know). My favorite item in her store though is the yellow Bird On A Wire coat rack. Tres peep, um chic! But seriously, they look like yellow peeps, and though I won't be licking the walls if I install them, I'll smile whenever I walk by. Such cuteness.

Psst: The Designers' Bios page is not to be missed, it really helps you put a face to a name and also learn a quick bit about their background all in one handy guide.

Love Scandinavian fashion? Huset carries some clothing by Ivana Helsinki and Odd Molly, both collections are stunning. This tunic is my favorite.

Thank you Gilly for telling us about this great shop!

(images from huset shop)

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