Inspiration Boards {on flickr}

I've been following the Inspiration Boards group on flickr lately, and after browsing the group again last night, I thought blogging about it should be on the agenda for today. Who doesn't love a beautiful mood board? A secret corner to dream? A creative nook to call your very own?

The inspired corner is the workspace of Lovely Design
located in Vancouver, Canada. (What gorgeous paint on her walls.)

The Inspiration Boards group was initiated by Castanet, aka Lori Pickert, who now authors a blog under the same name. Here is just a tiny sampling of the inspirational imagery that you'll find in both the group and the blog. And if you'd like to contribute a board of your own, you can join the group and submit photos of your own.

More beauty from Lovely Design. Check out that globe!

The evolving studio space of Comfies in San Francisco.
"The jack rabbit is by dawn. Marled bear is by mingling
of traveling rhinos. Japanese prints thrifted in Japan."

From the workspace of Jenni Simmons.

Photos of a random Anthropologie window
display taken by Skitzo Leezra.

More Anthro inspiration from Skitzo Leezra.
Don't you just love their windows?

A darling nook with a pretty inspiration board belonging to Everyday Crafty Goodness.

Beautiful group, Lori!

(images from the individuals linked above)