Painter Jacqueline Myers-Cho {JMC Designs}

My beautiful painting arrived today from Jacqueline Myers-Cho, an artist that I bumped into on Etsy recently and haven't been able to break away from checking her site daily for updates. When I found "Stable" I instantly knew I had to adopt her. Gorgeous.

"Stable" by Jacqueline Myers-Cho

It brings me to a very peaceful and calm spot. There's something about her gaze, those colors, the texture - it's a deeply personal connection that one makes with a particular piece - a connection that is hard to put into words. It goes beyond "I like it", but since emotion is often hard to put into language, and since this is a blog where you are reading my words, I'll just leave it at this: I like it. And if you do to, there's more beauty over at JMC Designs. Plus, if you purchase anything in her store right now, she'll take 25% off the total price. So you can walk away with an original painting for under $50. Imagine that.

If you'd like to learn more about painter Jacqueline Myers-Cho, visit her website and read through all the great information she has posted there. She's been painting for over 20 years and really seems to love it. Imagine a life of painting, how special is that?

(image from holly becker for decor8 (top) and bottom from jmc designs)