Retta le Ritz {pretty papers}

Such pretty gift wrap by Retta le Ritz, each hand-illustrated (marker and ink), with the patterns based on the little everyday observations (a favorite tree, a jar of candy, etc.) of Eric DiFate, a RISD grad, and his wife Retta Leritz DiFate who has a background in design.

Immediately upon seeing the blue and yellow lattice paper, I imagined it on my bedroom wall. Then as I read through Retta's email, I learned that they're looking to bring some of their patterns into the world of textiles and wallpaper. Hopefully it won't be to the trade only. I vote Fabric for Everyone. :) The buttons are cute as well, they remind me little of the "Str?ssel" fabric I purchased in Stockholm designed by Elizabeth Dunker.

Thank you Retta for writing to me, and I wish you and Eric the best as you take the next step into fabric and wallpaper production.

(images from retta le ritz)

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