Zara Home {now online}

Let us look at pretty rooms for a moment, shall we? Oh Zara Home... Why do you tease the Americans so?

I assume it's only a matter of time before they give in and give us what we want - Zara (fashion) is starting to take over America in most major cities, their Home stores have to follow eventually right? I'd even take them in the form of a web shop. Until we can enjoy their things, the Europeans can at least rejoice because Zara Home recently launched their gorgeous interior collections for adults and children online. The site is fantastic, I had such fun browsing it and I'm sure you will as well.

They have such an eye for mixing the old with the new (Danish-inspired teak chairs with eco-friendly rustic stools), classic pieces with a few exotic accessories (like leather poufs!), and lots of texture and warmth. If Zara Home and Habitat ever set up shop here in America, I'll be in heaven. Until that day... I look closely at their catalog, observe the styling, what's mixed in here and there, consider stores in the states that carry items much like these, and keep an open mind because we have such an abundance right here in our own country. Certainly we can pull off eclectic and creative spaces with all the resources we have.

(images from zara home)