Made By Girl {paper goods}

Jennifer Ramos not only authors a lovely blog, but she's the designer behind Made By Girl, a brand new stationery collection specializing in sassy styles using 100% recycled card stock - and by the looks of things, this girl gives eco a little edge.

Ramos' designs reveal her fun, playful side and she spices things up a bit with a little sarcasm or sexy thrown in for good measure. When I asked Ramos about Made By Girl and the eco lifestyle, she was refreshingly honest about it which made me really respect her as a designer, "I've changed my lifestyle in many ways... Even though I'm not 100% green, I am making changes in my everyday life to help out." She simply wants to produce products that raise awareness without sacrificing style, and using recycled papers helps her to do this in good conscience. She knows she's not an absolute treehugger, but she is trying to work closer to that goal day by day. And I think that's pretty neat because if more young designers gave a little more consideration to the environment, even if it's recycling the trash in the office or riding a bike more often, that's a big impact towards a greater good.

When it comes to going green, many take the cold turkey route and just jump in head first setting up composting bins in the kitchen and purchasing only organically grown clothing. For the rest of us, this approach doesn't work and so some don't bother to think eco at all. This all or nothing approach has to change and it's designers like Ramos that help put out the signal that it's okay to simply do what you can, to at least do something. Make an effort in some area of your life.

For 2008, I vow to sort my garbage, I already installed 3 trash bins below the cabinet so that I can accomplish this. Do you have any earth friendly goals for the new year? What about now? Certainly during this season there's a lot of paper around us, try to reuse some of the boxes, gift bags, etc. for another time or incorporate these things into your crafting projects.

Jennifer Ramos of Made By Girl.

Made By Girl is also on Etsy, and in May 2008, she'll be at the National Stationery Show where I hope to meet up with her and see her things in person.

Thank you Jennifer for your email, for raising awareness, and for the introduction to Made By Girl paper products, we wish you much success!

(images from jennifer ramos)