From the Science geek to the nature lover and flea market fan, Mothology carries wares that feel 100 years old with that good old gorgeous vintage appeal that so many of us adore. French linen, mercury glass, metal chairs, canvas bucket's, it's all vintage-inspired and available online at Mothology.

Shops like this one are especially good for those of us tucked away in the freezing snow without a flea market in sight for at least another four months. It kind of helps us cope. I can't wait until it's time to head back to Brimfield in May (13-18). I'm so happy to learn that it doesn't fall on the same weekend as the ICFF and the National Stationery Show because this year I may be able to finally attend both (I usually pick Brimfield over the New York shows). Now I can attend both events. May will be a busy month, yay!

(images from mothology)