Rian Rae

Jeni Crawford contacted me last month in regards to her charming new store Rian Rae, which she calls, "The online version of the store that I would like to open someday." Jeni has an eye for beauty and her eclectic mix is a fresh and cohesive blend of old and new finds. It takes a lot of confidence to open a store and present your "best of" list to the world - you hope your customers will walk away feeling the same about your finds as you do. Jeni's collection is a delight, she will no doubt develop quite a following with such exquisite taste. Congrats, Jeni! Peeking through her offerings, I couldn't help but notice all the texture, subdued hues, and the general nature theme she has going on - everything feels so casual yet so very sophisticated, and she has some of the best lighting ever at all price points. Jeni told me that Rian Rae is a work in progress so you can visit the site daily and expect to find new items.

Here are some of my top picks: The crochet throw and pendant lighting (love the airy feel and oh so tactile!), French crinkle pendant (reminds me of Paris), Scandinavian stag head (I'm not even a big fan of animal heads on the wall, but I would totally own this), and the beverage dispenser (we had one of those at our wedding for sangria).

Thank you for sharing your new shop with us Jeni, we're inspired and happy to see unique and beautiful pieces!

(imags from rian rae)