Reader Q: Lantern Help!

Reader Diana from New York City wrote in looking for the lantern pendant shown below. She's hoping that one of us can point her in the right direction. At first glance it looks like fabric vs. paper so I'm thinking it's a gauze lantern from China. Asian Ideas, Good Orient, Luna Bazaar, Party Lights, and ebay are good places to start for gauze and paper lanterns, but I think Asian Ideas may be the perfect fit, although the shape isn't exact. I included the others just in case. ;)

Diana have you tried Chinatown since you live in the city -- perhaps Pearl River?

Or if you're looking for something a little more unique, you can order a lantern from Orike Muth, I met her and viewed her handmade lanterns in person - they're beautiful and very well made. She design textiles and lighting out of her studio in Hanover, Germany.

(image from orike muth, top image submitted by reader without source.)