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I found out about this beautiful French company called Serendipity and it was there that I spotted tons of inspiring images - I especially like the pillows with home appliquéd across the front in contrasting prints. Really nice and a fun little project to take on for a little DIY crafting afternoon. I really like their floor pillows in linen with the words bla bla bla on the sides. You'll have to look on their website for those. Another well designed site, I might add. Although you can't shop on it, so it's a bit frustrating but still a delight. I love all the grays, violets, and linen I'm seeing at Serendipity. It's important to note that this gem called Serendipity came by way of Ez over at Creature Comforts who found them on an amazing blog called decocentric (I cannot read it though!) that will have you drooling for hours. So many pretty things to find online, I love the web!

(images from serendipity via decocentric)