Inspiration: A Monthly e-Zine

Blogger Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind sent me her new e-zine today called Inspiration (yay!) and I really like it - nice work Erin! It's a glance into the inspiration boards of others and I'd love to share it with you so you can download the free 20-page PDF file and read what inspires some of her creative lady friends. I spotted many decor8 images in her newsletter from the various inspiration board contests I've held here, it was exciting to see some decor8 readers part of Erin's piece - not just bloggers and designers but also lots of really creative types that are a bit harder to find on the web. Such a refreshing body of work. Yay! I hope this is the start of many more e-zines from bloggers, I think newsletters and e-zines are the best!

And speaking of past decor8 contests, I've been working with Amy Butler for the past few weeks on an amazing contest she'll be sponsoring on decor8 in the Spring and again, the focus will be on inspiration and mood boards just like last time only with a twist. You'll have to wait until April to learn more as many details need to be ironed out, but Amy and I can't wait to get the contest rolling. You'll love the prizes. Maybe I can work with Erin to get our 5 winners posted in her May issue of Inspiration. Hmmmm....

(images from various contributors to erin's newsletter, all credited in Inspiration.)