Johanna Wright {artist}

It's one thing to think your work is awesome, quite another when your BFF is also your biggest fan and sings your praises too. That's what happened today to Johanna Wright because her pal Wendy Crabb from Green Girl Art wrote in all about her work and how much she loves it and felt it deserved a big ol' shout out decor8 style.

Johanna and Wendy worked together in NYC until two years ago when Johanna relocated back to Oregon to marry her true love. Seems Oregon was a good spot for her to land, since her relo she's been quite busy working on two children's books (due out in '09), selling prints and original paintings in her etsy store, and get this, she's a musician on top of it all. She sings, plays baritone ukulele, violin, and banjo all under the stage name Hanner. Her painting, "Honeymoon over Brooklyn" top left corner is my favorite, I can totally see this in a children's book.

Johanna's art studio.

Thank you so much Wendy for sharing your friend with all of us, it's great to see friends supporting one another like this. We all need friends like you in our life Wendy!

(images from johanna wright)