Samantha Hahn {artist}

Happy! Color! Spring! Samantha! I recently contacted talented artist Samantha Hahn about her work, this lady has a super impressive bio -- she received her fine arts degree in illustration from Syracuse University and went on to obtain her M.A. in Art Education at Columbia University. Samantha is not only a smartie and extremely talented, but she's also nice and easy going, a real charmer. Her warmth really shows in her work, just look at these colors!

Samantha does figurative oil painting, freelance illustration, and crafts. She also teaches art and authors her own blog called Maquette. After finding her over on Absolutely Beautiful Things, I immediately contacted Samantha because I wanted to inquire about purchasing some of her work. She was such a pleasure to deal with online that I ordered two 11 x 17 matte prints of Dancing Girl and Beehive Girl (they're $100 each in case you are interested, free shipping.) She's working on opening an online store to make it easier for customers, but for now you can email her directly. She's in the midst of relocating from Manhattan to Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, but she's still pretty speedy when it comes to answering her emails. (info AT

I don't know about you, but when I like someone I'm that much more interested in owning their work. You know the human element, the whole reason why I shop from an independent artist in the first place. Sure I like their work, but if after a few emails or a quick conversation at an opening or craft fair I find that I also like them (their spirit, hard to explain, but you know what I mean - it's chemistry maybe?) then I'm sold. I own most of my art for life so when I look at it I want to recall fond exchanges. I believe in owning things that give me positive memories. If I associate a negative experience with something, no matter how valuable, I sell or donate it. Hasta la vista! Fortunately, I've only had to kick out a few material possessions in my life because they reminded me of someone that I dated for nearly my entire twenties before I met my husband and despite an amicable parting, I wanted to leave the past in the past. I won't own anything that I associate with an experience that makes me uncomfortable or recalls memories that stunt my progress in one way or another. Are you this way too?

Now back to the lovely Samantha... If you're looking to start building an art collection, or you just need some color and pattern in your home, consider Samantha Hahn and her work. It's really bright and cheery but also sophisticated and modern enough to fit into a range of decors. I can't think of a better way to usher in Spring that to have a print of hers framed over a credenza or bed, i.e. installed above the Harlow table from Ballard Designs topped with an arrangement of fresh flowers. Gorgeousness!

(images from samantha hahn)