Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays

Ready for your weekly dose of Take Five Tuesdays? Here's my five picks for the week. If you've missed previous decor8 finds on Etsy you can visit this link to play catch up!

I'm really loving bright graphics lately in the form of prints and postcards, the energetic bursts of color seem to be exactly what I'm needing lately as this New England weather is starting to really bore me (rain, sleet, snow, rain, sleet, snow, repeat 50,000 times). Yuki is a freelance artist based in Tokyo who merges photography with graphic design for stunning results. You can view her complete portfolio here, her work on Flickr, or you can shop her Etsy store called Kissui.

Amazing mobiles today from Spin Designs, Inc., great for the modern nursery or to add interest to a lonely corner in the living room. Etsy is a treasure trove of talent, there's really no end is there?!

Molly Jey is flat out amazing. The patience this lady must have! Her intricate lace-like paper cuts are gorgeous and I really like the care she puts into framing them for her customers. You can purchase work from her etsy shop or if you'd simply like to look at her portfolio, check her out on Flickr. Wow. She'll also accept custom requests, wouldn't that be fun to work with her on a project!

I have to give a little love to a Boston local today. Joshua Stone is a Boston-based designer who insists on maintaining his products as strictly American handmade meaning that all materials and labor are made right here in the United States (no picking up craft supplies to use in his work that came from China, for instance). Of course his 100% American handmade designs have presented challenges along the way but he rises above each allowing his inspiration and talent to shine through showing that you can make products and offer them at reasonable prices using what resources you have locally. What an inspiration to other artists looking to do the same. Joshua works primarily with felt and most of his products are geared towards entertaining, which I like very much along with his aesthetic: Clean, modern and unique.

I've talked about the work of Draw Flowers before, but now she started hand painting these gorgeous wall scrolls (my word not hers) and I can only imagine how gorgeous they'd look on bare walls in a room. These are utterly breathtaking. Each roll is 24" W and 120" L.

(images linked above)