Donna Compton

One look at Donna Compton's work this morning and I was sold: I immediately purchased some postcards for my inspiration board and to keep on file for tucking into future gifts.

I can't get enough of flowers, ask anyone who knows me -- I was called the flower girl at work since I religiously organized weekly flower swaps with with other ladies in my office for years. Plus my mother has a background in floral design so I was influenced by her skillful arrangements growing up. I'm also big on fresh flowers in my home, have to have them. When I'm in Germany the first thing I do is go to our storage room there and pull out my blue vase and bring it over to our hotel where it sits on my desk for two months with fresh flowers filling it weekly. I'm not a plant person oddly enough, but flowers are my guilty pleasure.

Just last month, I 'subscribed' to a new flower service where my friend (who happens to be an amazing Boston-based floral designer) delivers flowers to my home almost weekly. This service keeps me sane during the winter. I feel depressed when I don't see them in my vase. Donna's postcards are the next best thing. Just look at them - the beauty and clarity, it's almost like the real thing. Perfect to keep near the monitor during long winters as these beauties most certainly help to push our thoughts into Spring.

Sorry but I had to include lots of her images because they're just so creative and colorful. Thanks so much for lovely Irene at Bloesem for telling us about Donna. :)

(images from donna compton)