Hospitality IKEA Style

Jewelry Designer Kylie from the Bandelle blog wrote in recently about her travel adventures in Rome and France and how she kept spotting IKEA furnishings at many of the places she had the pleasure of staying overnight. She was so impressed by how stylish the spaces looked, "I noticed that the owners selectively used IKEA furnishings to round out the space while still maintaining their personal style." She continues, "I wasn't a big fan of IKEA until I saw how well these European property owners integrated the furniture, accessories, and even smaller things like flatware."

Shown: PS Locker $100, Agen chair $35, and the Liatorp coffee table $269
as shown above at the Le Limas Bed & Breakfast in Avignon, France.

She wrote a great post on her blog about her experience, showing the rooms (example above) and linking various pieces back to IKEA which I thought decor8 readers may enjoy checking out. Thank you Kylie for writing in and sharing your observations with us!

(image from Bandelle)

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