Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays

Here's a few of my favorite things for this week, all via Etsy of course! And don't forget that if you've missed previous Take Five Tuesdays please click here to catch up on your reading. I hope that you enjoy my finds for this week. :)

Thank goodness I'm saving for a house and cannot afford anything new right now or else I'd purchase a lot of beautiful pieces from mimi doodles. mimi, or m.i.m.i. (material indulgence minimizing impact) is a gorgeous collection of original paintings and prints that I'm completely smitten by, all from Chicago artist Michele Bosak. If I had a gallery, I'd book this lady in a heart beat (hint hint Nahcotta). Just look at her work. Working girls, modern chairs... Lovin' Miss Mimi.

Abstract art, watercolors, oh LarrisonGo, your work really pulls me in. Another artist I'd book. And her shop assures us, "There are NO birds on twigs here, ever." That really made me burst out laughing. :) But there are still birds just NOT on twigs, that's obviously something that really gets under her skin and I think I know what she means as I've had about enough of certain motifs myself lately. When I look at art like this I have so many questions, I'd love to know exactly what she was thinking as she sat before a blank sheet of paper... Perhaps she'll find this post and tell us.

Jennifer Eng wrote to me a few days ago, she's the designer behind Jengs Shop in New York, a paper goods studio that she's had on Etsy since May 2006 (where have we been, right!?). Her simple designs are both crisp and modern and I like her color palette, a bit more mature than the bright pinks and yellows I usually gravitate towards. :)

Dola Makes paints on dishes out of their Brooklyn apartment and I think the results are darling. What a cute couple, that Don and Lola. Had to show you their work, it's one-of-a-kind and non-toxic so you can either eat off of it or display it, your choice. And you can bet no one else in your immediate circle will own your plate. Truly original!

Darling old-fashioned telephones just like Grandma once used! Only these are tiny original paintings by the creative minds over at Lab Partners in San Francisco. You have to pick one up... Ring, Ring!

(images linked to sources above)