Inspired By...

Thought I'd show you a few images and links that I've been collecting over the past few days, a virtual inspiration board is what I guess we can call this...

The hallway in Ez's California home, you may know her as the lovely blogger behind Creature Comforts. I adore her blog and I'm smitten with this little peek she gave us into her home. What a tease!

A dining room in Sweden via More Ways To Waste Time. See the complete home tour here. Seems all the blogs are doing home tours like crazy, it's a big blog trend right now and I like it!

My Spring Orla Keily bags are bringing some color to my space, waiting for the snow to melt so I can use them! I plan to add more hooks to my ladder to display a few of my pretty necklaces and a silk scarf or two. My bags are from Twig, I hope to pick up this one next. Hey it's my crack, okay? I can think of worse addictions. :)

Chez Larsson has her home office ready for Spring and I'm lovin' this clean look of white, grassy green and bright yellow. See more photos of her lovely home here. The box bench cushion is the best. This is an inspiring space to work!

Anna's home tour made its debut today on Apartment Therapy and it's awesome. I've been following her decorating adventures via Flickr for months so I'm very happy to see the finished product. For the AT Tour click here, or to see all her home photos try this link. I adore her entryway so much.

Sandi Henderson's gorgeous Ginger Blossom fabrics. Oh, the colors! And her blog is a real treat, too.

A page torn from the pages of Australia's Inside Out magazine by AnastasiaC. I wish we could get this magazine in America. Vintage card catalogs are hot right now, if you can find one don't pass it up. Check Craigslist or eBay and search for "card catalogs", "library files", etc. I like the addition of vintage wheels on this one for that industrial touch.

A collection of vintage dog photos from somethings hiding in here. It's clever how she's displayed them collage style. Collecting vintage photos is another trend I'm seeing on the web more and more and I'm currently into this myself. I recently started collecting photos of my aunt taken in the late 1960's. I'll show you a few of my favorites...

This is my aunt, a photo taken by my uncle when they lived in Argentina. It really makes me happy when I see this photo because she passed away but for some reason when I look at this photo, I imagine she'll turn around any moment and call for me. Strange I know, but it feels like she's still alive when I look at this photo. That's Alfi her poodle. He traveled the world with them, visiting more countries than I ever will. ;) I plan to enlarge this to 11 x 17 and frame it for my living room. My aunt was one of the most amazing women I've ever known.

Here's another photo that has really inspired me lately, this one was taken in the late 1960's in her Buenos Aires apartment. I can see where my obsession with mismatched chairs comes from. I really love her painting shown here, she was also a lover of the color turquoise just as I am.

Ann Louise Roswald cushions via Selina Lake, photographed by David Giles. These are delicious for Spring - so bold!

(images are all linked above.)