Wedding Help!

We're heading into Spring when wedding season kicks off into full gear again and I could really use your help. Etsy asked me to write an article for them about wedding decorations that will run on their site mid March. I'm so excited to get involved because this is a fun topic to research!

I want to bring some real life brides into the piece, so if anyone, either newly married or soon to be, wants to give me a few quotes I would really appreciate it. I'd like to know how you decided on a decor style for your wedding - colors, centerpieces on tables, seating card arrangements, fabrics, favors, lighting, etc.

Another question - Can anyone point me in the direction of websites or blogs that focus primarily on wedding decorations? I'd like to include a list of sources in the etsy piece for readers to tap into that real brides are using these days. I was married back in '01 so I know a lot has changed. Please exclude sites that are more common like the knot, Brides, the Wedding Channel, and Martha Stewart Weddings. With Etsy being so focused on the handmade, I'm hoping you can point me to resources that have a more DIY/budget approach.

You may comment below or email me with "Weddings" in the subject line to decor8blog AT

(images from martha stewart weddings)