Matthew Mead Style

Matthew Mead contacted me over the weekend to introduce his newly updated website. I know you'll be inspired by the treasures there so I'm passing the goodness on to all of you. Lovely projects, recipes, templates to download, and lots of helpful links to some of his favorite spots on the web.

Mead's focus is on collecting vintage goodies from flea markets and showing us how to use and display them in unexpected ways. I'm fond of how he adds a modern spin to vintage lace and doilies, which you find in abundance at flea markets. You know I'm a fan of doilies and vintage typewriters so I was delighted to see both on his website, created and styled to perfection only as Matthew Mead Style can.

A DIY banner, lace-wrapped candle, and my favorite is this canvas chalkboard project -- all very stylish and practical. Great work, Matthew (as always!).

(images from matthew mead)