decor8 Wish List {March}

We all have those special lists we make and if finances allowed, we'd easily drop cash on them all. Despite what my practical and frugal side tells me, I like to create a monthly wish list with 6 items that I want/need in the following categories: Fashion, Beauty, and Home and I almost always reward myself with at least one. Never all 6 because well, I'm not loaded. Budget aside, Ie still have to live and have a little fun so here's my wish list for March.

Anthropologie signac petal lamp (perfect for a desk), Virginia Johnson blouse, Lepidoptera embroidered shade, cashmere rosette cardigan in yellow from J Crew, sunny woods rug, and a perky green Kate Spade belle haven bridget bag for those afternoon strolls.

I know they're material things and shouldn't be our primary focus in life, and I realize that everyone lives within a set budget and that varies by person. Ten years ago, I lived in my own apartment in Boston, worked full-time, and had some debt to deal with. My life was very different back then. Even so, I still had my wish list and planned out what I wanted/needed so that I could have something to look forward to that made working long hours worth it. Sometimes it was just a haircut, but it was something and that made me feel good.

One of the best parts about being a grown up is that you take care of yourself now, parents no longer have a say. You can sleep in, stay up late, decide who to marry, and watch whatever you want on television. Of course, it's good to exercise self control by setting personal limits, but it's also a good feeling to treat yourself with something special now and then. A facial, a class, or a lampshade -- it's up to you and your budget to determine.

It's not about being materialistic, it's actually a smarter way to shop because you can avoid impulse buying if you have monthly wish list that you stick to. I no longer allow myself to veer off and spend $10 or $20 on little things, because they all add up. I'm no financial wizard, but I went into my 30's debt-free and although I author a design blog, I'm still free of debt because making, and sticking to, my monthly wish list.

If you're a blogger and would like to share your wish list on your own blogs, please do -- I'd love to see what others are wishin', hopin', and dreamin' of...

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