Jovovich-Hawk Collection

Upon spotting the Jovovich-Hawk collection for Target this season, I took a peek over at their website to see what they're doing for Spring '08. Established in LA in 2003 by Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk, their collection is what dreams are made of. Fashion photography in such charmingly feminine interiors like these are so inspirational, they could translate into the design of an entire vintage-inspired room so easily.

I adore the silhouettes, textures, palette, and certainly if I was in the position financially to be a Jovovich-Hawk groupie, I would purchase their entire collection. It's amazing, clothes that most of us can only dream of owning so for now, we can just be inspired... When I think of Jovovich-Hawk clothing, I think of a lady who wears their clothing living perhaps like this....

Home of Liza Giles, stylist for Designers Guild London.

Or maybe lounging in this living room from Zara Home.

Or maybe a more relaxed living room like this from House to Home.

(images from jovovich-hawk)