Bazaar Style Sneak Peek

Yesterday a book arrived in the mail from publisher Ryland Peters & Small in New York that I think you may like to see... It's called Bazaar Style or as I call it, Bohemian decor gone deliciously wild.

Do you remember Selina Lake? Well she styled the rooms in this book. Photographer Debi Treloar is responsible for the beautiful photos, and FYI her work was featured today by Ez on Creature Comforts (Debi's portfolio is jaw-dropping, great find Ez as always!). I interviewed Selina recently for decor8 and so to hold her book in my hands today is especially nice since I feel like I know the lady behind the photos making it so much more interesting and special to me.

Click on all images for larger view.

This book is a visual feast as you can see, not a single of its 144 pages lack a fully-saturated image. Writer Joanna Simmons gives some helpful tips along with Selina on combining different elements to pull together the boho look, so it's not just pretty but informative. Last year my favorite book was Midwest Modern, this year it may just be Bazaar Style.

You can pre-order it on Amazon for $19 (sponsored link here) or wait until April to pick yours up at the bookstore. Enjoy!

(images taken of personal copy of Bazaar Style by Holly Becker for decor8.)