Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Silver white winters that melt into Spring, these are a few of my favorite things... From Etsy of course! Here are my Etsy finds for the week and if you've missed previous Take Five Tuesdays please click here to play catch up. Enjoy!

I really like Bread + Butter. Sorry, had to say that. Anyway, Bread + Butter is a fun collective of artists and designers in Brooklyn who appear to have a mild obsession with fonts and a good time designing great cards and prints. If I had a shop, I'd carry their paper products for sure.

I really like it when photographers experiment with toys, dolls, action figures, and miniatures -- it fascinates me for some reason, could be because these little things often tell stories and when I look at them I start to imagine tales of my own. Erin Tyner is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia that I really like, her perspective is unique and in addition to her miniature series I also like her macro work.

Anna Ruby King is an Australian living in Athens with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts who loves maps, fabric, nature, scientific drawings and diagrams, and illustrations. In her shop you'll find carefully created envelopes, cards, fabric patches, and original pencil and gouache artwork that reflects all of the things in life she enjoys the most. Such pretty work.

Ever since I spotted Rosie Music in Mexico City last year I've been a constant fan. I love seeing what this girl is up to and her recent experiments with real wood totally caught my eye this week. It's handmade in Mexico by a small company that re-cycles wood from already cut trees to create these extremely thin slices of wood veneer. I like the idea of printing on wood paper, it's such a great look and I wouldn't be at all surprised if more Etsy artists started to adopt this technique. Less renewable and unrenewable resources are used to manufacture this material than what is required to make ordinary paper if you can believe it. It would be a nice addition to all the prints we're seeing on white paper and recycled book pages.

These cards are from ReLove Projects out of Boulder and remind me a lot of the designs I see coming out of Berlin and Amsterdam of floral patterned animals created from retro paper or fabric. I've been noticing lately that many artists are starting to experiment with silhouette or cut outs of animals, girls, and letters incorporating fabric or wallpaper. I like this very much, great work ReLove.

(images linked above to sources)