Auto - What's New?

Auto just received a fantastic selection of Missoni bedding, towels, and tableware for Spring '08. I think their zig zag pattern will always be my favorite, but of course it's nice to see spots and butterflies throw in for good measure. :) Missoni has such an energetic palette, I especially like the Jessie and the Jessica bedding.

And if you take a step beyond the fabulous Missoni goods, you'll find other treasures at Auto. Pillows, Nesting Dolls, and handmade books - oh my! I recently purchased nesting dolls in the buff, nothing painting on them and ready to be dolled up however I choose. Seeing these dolls below have inspired me to do something with my little dollies-in-the-raw.

Shown above: Etro Aralia green pillow ($185), John Robshaw Pichwai hand-printed bolster ($150), euro pillow ($115), and misc. pillows shown on chairs ($70-110). Also shown, Trisha Krauss nesting dolls. I'm not even going to bother to list their price. And not shown is the SO Book made by Tall Ladies ($40) which sounds very interesting when you read the description online... I'm intrigued. Does anyone know much about the Tall Ladies and the SO book?

(images from auto)