Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Here's my hand-picked collection for the week of a few Etsy stores that caught my eye. If you've missed previous Take Five Tuesdays please click here to catch up on your reading, and your shopping too! :)

What a fine way to get started today, with the work of Iris Schwarz of Paulette Edition. Iris is a Zurich-based graphic designer and illustrator who is such a romantic at heart. She comments, "Old things are my passion, sometimes I think I?m born in the wrong century". You can really see this in her work, can't you? The charm of times' past translated into works on paper of objects that inspire her.

I adore handmade dolls. It goes back to the gifts my aunt sent to me as a child, she made bears and dolls and it thrilled me whenever a box from her arrived. I always felt so loved. Simpli Jessi creates dolls that a child or even adult would enjoy having, darling little people made from cotton and thread, it's pretty special to own a one-of-a-kind dolly. She also does custom dolls and accepts wholesale orders too.

Functional ceramics by Laurel Begley is another Etsy shop that has my attention this week. I especially like these 'bones' plates and this sake set.

Paper Sparrow out of Chicago serves up delicious paper goods from cards to prints that you're such to love if you're a bird nerd like me!

Have I talked about Gypsy and Twink before? I'm certain they've appeared in my Etsy ticker over in the left column several times already. Their decorative wood figures are very sweet, they have so many to choose from and I like the colors and patterns selected for each little critter. I'm not sure 'who' is because Gypsy and Twink, it's rather vague unfortunately... But I love the shop just the same.

(images linked to shop above)