Micah & Me {stationery}

Stationery is so very addicting isn't it? I started buying it when I was 7 years old and quickly became obsessed. On Friday after school I'd take my allowance money and blow it all on Hello Kitty and My Melody stationery and pencils that smelled delicious. Puffy stickers and erasers soon became another addiction as I grew up, and soon I was a devoted sticker and stationery collector.

I remember how having the paper wasn't enough for me, I had to share it. So I did little swaps through the mail with penpals that I found in kid's magazines (on the back pages kids would have ads there). I had penpals all over the world. I guess I've always liked to reach out to people through the written word. Another reason why I think authoring decor8 comes so easily. Years later, I'm still a stationery freak. I have a drawer of it that I regularly refresh with new papers. I love to mail and receive cards because I often think that little will be left behind to my great grandchildren of tomorrow if I don't write more with pen and paper today. With that, I introduce you to the fresh style of Micah & Me. It's Martha Stewart with a lot of Scandinavian and Japanese design influence so naturally I'm a fan. I think that you will like it too.

Do you have a favorite stationery designer? Who?

(micah & me)