India Rose Textiles

I'm always on the look out for beautiful shower curtains since so many of you write in asking me where to find them. Of course, we have the usual suspects like Bed Bath + Beyond, Macy's, Target, and Anthropologie, but I'm noticing a few smaller companies starting to design beautiful ones which delights me because more options need to exist out there outside of the major retailers.

Usually when I need a new shower curtain, I make it out of fabric or a queen-sized flat sheet (just add gromets) but I've also shopped Anthropologie because I think their curtains are so feminine and there's little at that store that I don't usually fall for. Today Grace blogged about India Rose Textiles so I clicked over to check them out and discovered some very pretty shower curtains.

I've been thinking about small city apartment design a lot lately because our photos came in over the weekend showing our completed apartment in Germany. Yay! It's so cute. We took on a vacation property last September but it needed a lot of work so that's been a constant project over the winter but now that it's finished my husband and I can breathe a big sigh of relief and start working on filling it with everything we need. I'm about to begin a long distance design project, something I've not done before, from the kitchen cabinetry and all the appliances to wallpaper and how I'm going to pull it all together using websites in German and the metric system as my guide - well wish me luck! Designing property in another country when I'm not there to manage things in person will be a brand new challenge but I'm up for it!

I'll soon be looking for a shower curtain, but definitely not in Germany because they're not that common over there, no one that I know has one, not even my mother-in-law. So I'll be bringing one with me in my luggage or sewing it myself because I have a feeling that I may not find something long enough since the dimensions are slightly different than standard U.S. I'll be the weird American girl with a strange curtain in the bath. I can hear my German family/friends now. But I love shower curtains and to me, a bath without one is a bit boring unless it's one of those spa baths with those amazing spoon tubs. But for a standard bathroom, a pretty curtain is a must!

So if you're looking for a shower curtain, table linens, bedding, or anything else with an air of faraway places along with intricate details, exceptional quality, and subtle pattern and texture, visit India Rose. Lovely things!

(images from india rose)