Listography {Your Life in Lists}

On the whole self help theme, or shall I say, finding your true calling in life, which I love talking about by the way, why not try this fun book/writing exercise... I picked up this new journal tonight since I thought it would be fun to practice what I preach and hey, all of us can learn a thing or two (or 100) about ourselves because the process of growth is never quite complete.

Listography - Your Life in Lists is a book authored by Lisa Nola and it's pretty much self explanatory, pages contain a single sentence meant to push you to fess up like, List Your Guilty Pleasures, List The People You Love The Most, and List Professions You'd Like To Try. It's a great way for you to open up and write your own autobiography and for $12 it's a lot cheaper than a therapist.

My list above is taking shape...

It's especially helpful for those who have a hard time maintaining a spot where you record your daily life. Some people buy journals with every intention of filling them but then crack it open and ------------ draw a blank. Nothing comes to mind, the white pages stay white, and well the book lays in the drawer of your bedside table for months neglected and alone. Poor little journal. This book gets you thinking and writing. How about trying this out for a bit of self discovery? Even for those of you who think you have the world in your hands, it's still good to take an honest look at yourself because there's always something new you can learn no matter how far you've come. Plus, the more you write lists the more you reveal that deep dark buried under 10,000 layers of clay stuff that otherwise rests untapped in your brain. Dig it out and write about it.

(images from listography)