Happy Friday!

This post is late because my husband and I had date night at home tonight with homemade pasta, wine, and board games. It was so much fun! Then as I went to read my email, I realized I hadn't said goodbye to you for the week so here it is, so long for now... And some links!

Vogue Living Australia has a few teasers on their site showing you their current and a past issue. Drool. Vogue stylist Pippa Holt looks so pretty here. {via All Things Bright and Beautiful.}

Ez from Creature Comforts now has a second blog called Muse. Gorgeous! {via Layers of Meaning}

First Thoughts on life, blogging, and the creative process: Indie book by emcee who also has an awesome blog.

Some blogging tips from me to you via All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Making it Lovely and decor8 in the Washington Post, print and online.

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I'll see you back here on Monday for another week of decor8ing.:)

(image from emcee, vogue living, and creature comforts)