Stylist Camille Soulayrol

Stylist Camille Soulayrol was briefly mentioned earlier today but her work is far to beautiful to not show you more here on decor8.

Camille delights in the placement of objects to tell stories and designs things for Marie-Claire Idees magazines, styles them just so, and then her stories come alive through the pages of French home/craft mag Marie-Claire Idees. The magazine is in French and has a large following in Europe with more and more Americans showing interest as each page is a mentally stimulating feast. Some of the ideas are so imaginative, others are simply a different perspective on something we may have been doing for years like decoupaging furniture or stenciling the top of a table.

Camille also writes for the magazine and has developed more personal projects to include books on love, food poetry, and pretty Japanese books showcasing the homes of Parisian designers.

(images from camille soulayrol)