Warp Weft Co. Patio Umbrellas

I've been working on a gardening piece for the Boston Globe and I thought I'd share a little something I discovered during my research. Now these make me excited, as in so excited that I want to run outside and create the ultimate patio space... If only I had a patio. Just look at these umbrellas!

They can be purchased from Warp Weft Co. in Charleston, South Carolina owned by Alison Childress. I grew up just north of Charleston so I connect to lots of the designs that come out of the south on quite a person level. My eyes just about popped out when I saw her collection of patio umbrellas.

The flamenco one with all those blue ruffles is my favorite and I love the black and white umbrella with the lattice print being a second runner up. Imagine one on a patio - absolutely patio perfection.

(image from warp weft co)