Kelly McKibben Ceramics

Kelly McKibben is a ceramic artist completing her MFA this semester at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. In her work, Kelly uses a screen-printed slip transfer process mixing wallpaper and fabric patterns with handwritten sayings and illustrations.

As a child, Kelly moved a lot with her parents and the only comfort she had with each box she unpacked was found in her material possessions -- those special objects she felt connected to no matter where she lived. She has always placed great value on the items people collect over time, they're a part of our history and each tells a story and gives us a measure of security. It's obvious why she turned out to be a ceramic artist, she's now able to share special objects with others who have a certain affection for them and they are able to become a part of someone else's journey. Nice to think about, isn't it?

(images from kelly mckibben)