Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design

I recently dug into a new book called Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design by image consultants Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte. As I started into the first section, the ideas sounded vaguely familiar and it was then that I remembered columnist Cynthia King first introduced these ladies to us awhile back in Domino magazine in the May 2007 issue, "Phone date with (style) destiny". Since I like what I'm reading so far, I've decided to make this read the decor8 book of the week.

I can still recall how intrigued by McCarthy and LaPorte Cynthia was, and their ability to take in all this information about a person and using only two words, describe exactly their style, or as they call it -- your Style Statement that defines your authentic self. Self-branding if you will. Cynthia is Cultivated Wonder.

"In a culture obsessed with image and materialism, it can be hard to feel like yourself. Amidst the craze of ?bigger, better, faster?, living real takes some determination. All too often, one?s best self gets buried beneath conformity and confusion. You wonder if the real you?the life-loving, juicy, most dynamic parts of you?can be excavated, re-invented or finally pulled together all in one place." - Style Statement.

For instance, author McCarthy calls herself Refined Treasure. She has styled and designed homes, hotels, and magazines. LaPorte's style statement is Sacred Dramatic. She brands companies for a living. You can learn more about the authors on their website, Carrie & Danielle, Inc. I often think I'm too complicated to be described in only two words, which is why I purchased Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design because I'd like to see if after reading this book I can actually do it. The book is loaded with profound (sometimes funny) questions and mini tests, if anything I'm up for a little self-discovery and fun. I'd even love to have a phone consultation with them as did Muse Marian, wouldn't that be fun?

What can self-branding do for you? These ladies feel that it can help you to be more confident, make wiser decisions, and even dress and decorate with more confidence. In other words, to be more authentic -- to be exactly who you are without fear, to live your life in full color.

Has anyone read this book yet or have an interest in uncovering your Style Statement? Your thoughts on this?

(image by holly becker for decor8)