Enfin, La Voila!

I found Marijke Janssens and her shop Enfin, La Voila! today while looking to restock my quickly fading supply of stationery and have to share her with those unfamiliar with her work. Marijke is a graphic designer who is based in the countryside just outside of Brussels, Belgium. Doesn't that alone sound glorious? I could just end this post right now and I bet you'd already be left with nothing but happy feelings. Imagine spending the day traipsing down country roads in beautiful Belgium...

Marijke uses her surroundings as inspiration, her life translates into her work and you can just feel the joy. Not only do I love the graphics, but I also like how happy and all skippy-like I feel while looking at her designs. You know that feeling when you want to put daisies in your hair and run through a field in your favorite cotton dress? Please say you understand this because if not, then I'm a confirmed nutcase. :) When I look at Enfin, La Voila! this feeling of childhood, freedom, and joy washes over me. They are just so pretty. If I had a store... I know complete this sentence for me... I would totally stock these.

(images from enfin la voila!)