While I Was Out...

Men and Doctors. What is it? I love my husband and look to him as being the most confident, mature, and strong man alive. This guy is amazing, it's German engineering combined with urban street smarts I assume, and the fact that he's lived in a few countries seems to have helped. But why is it that the moment a guy has to go see a medical professional - doctor, dentist, etc., they suddenly revert back to being little boys?

I by no means want to convey that my husband is a baby or wimp, but when it comes to doctor's appointments well... He likes me to accompany him, wait in the lobby, and shower him with lots of hand holding and kisses because it makes him feel better. It's really cute and makes me love him so much more.

So that's where I've been today in case you've missed me. He had a lunch appointment to have a simple filling repaired which turned into this complicated procedure costing nearly $2,000-, a crown, and 5 hours. But you know what I did for those 5 hours? I sat in the waiting room watching HGTV and thought about very little, on purpose. I took some time to pause, shut off my cell and just sat there. And it was very nice.

The moment my husband emerged after a few hours for a 'break' while the crown was being made, he laid eyes on me and this adorable smile crossed his face and he walked over and kissed me right in front of everyone.

There he sat, next to me in the waiting room for another hour until the crown was finished and, holding my hand firmly, said nothing. I could tell he was in pain. We just sat there staring at the massive flat screen watching some curb appeal show and I swear, he hasn't held my hand that hard since his last doctor's visit. He was genuinely frightened. It meant something that I stayed in the building and didn't run off shopping or chatting on my cell doing business. He appreciated that.

Some women complain about their husbands' fear of the doctor but you know what? Another way to look at it is that it's a nice time to demonstrate that you genuinely care. It's a really beautiful experience to be there for someone when they are at their most vulnerable, when they feel down for the count, and whether it's a toothache or surgery, the love and sacrifice we give to our partners matters to them. Sometimes I think something as simple as a dental visit can be a reminder of how human we are and that we all want the same things... Love, trust, loyalty, and a friend who is there in both the good and bad times. All we really want is someone who genuinely cares about us and I mean genuinely.

I know this story had nothing to do with design, but it has a lot to do with something else I love - my leading man. I hope you understand that today I needed to pause a moment for his sake. I'm all yours tomorrow though, so see you then friends. :)