What Would The Perfect Magazine Have?

I really miss Blueprint magazine. I know lots of you weren't big fans, but looking back I think you'll agree that it was becoming a very special magazine... I'm sad that it's gone. Another magazine that ended far too soon is craft mag Adorn, Christina Hatch was the editor-in-chief and thankfully for us all she is now leading marketing and other efforts over at Etsy. Christina did a great job at Adorn but in the end, it's all about ad revenue for print publications and when they can't bring in enough cash they have to close up shop no matter what. It's just a shame, we've watched several magazines close their doors in the past year alone.

(Purl and Purl Patchwork, NYC)

You may recall these beautiful photos, they are of the gorgeous one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment of Joelle Hoverson, who owns two yarn and fabric shops in NYC -- Purl and Purl Patchwork. These were originally published in Blueprint magazine and can now be viewed online. It's a glimpse of what was -- our beloved Blueprint. Martha bring it back and combine the idea with MS Kids, drop some of the over-priced finds, and showcase what we love about Martha best, some good old-fashioned DIY projects that we all need and crave. We humble bloggers try, but no one produces a better DIY than Martha Stewart from concept to layout and photography, MSLO rocks it. Of course they have major resources and employees that we little bloggers just don't have, but that's even more reason for them to roll in and take charge. It's the one thing they have that the web can't seem to duplicate with all it's DIY tips and videos so why isn't their a magazine out there going for it?

If you could build the perfect magazine, what would it include? What do you want to see that's missing currently in magazines? What do you think is missing on blogs that you'd like to see more of (this question is something that I can do something with). Good news! I'm diligently working on a decor8 redesign with a company based abroad, the new digs here should be up and ready to go mid July. I took all of your advice and the decor8 you asked for will hopefully be what you get! Yay!

(images from blueprint magazine via mslo)