Homegrown & the bug

It's Okay. Sometimes all you need is a little tote to reassure you. The bags from Homegrown & the bug caught my eye today... I love how this mother and talented crafter artfully uses vintage sheets to create letters, super clever and eco-responsible. Then I found her blog and read one of the most genuine bios ever. Bios are so awkward to write, at least for me, I like how Sam pulled hers together from the heart. Be sure to visit her store for a Homegrown bag of your very own.

My husband and I use bags all the time now for groceries, I keep a spare tote folded in my handbag at all times. I recently read that NYC has placed a ban on plastic shopping bags and so has San Francisco. I don't live in these places, but is this true? I hope it spreads to suburbia and the countryside where I live because I really want to see this become a global trend. Americans are such consumers, all the shopping we do... We need to become more responsible shoppers and one way is to carry totes to replace the need for plastic bags. I'd love to see Target replace their bags with a greener option.

I remember when I first met my husband in '99, he was always using his linen tote whenever we went grocery shopping -- this was when he still lived in Germany and I would visit. I came home so inspired by it that I brought a tote back with me and used it here. People looked at me funny. The cashier treated me as though perhaps I was homeless, I mean who wouldn't want a beautiful CVS bag in glowing white plastic? Time and time again, my little tote was frowned upon as I shopped. One day the handle broke and instead of repairing it I gave up my fight. I got sick of explaining my tote to everyone. I grew tired of shoppers in line asking me why I brought my own bag. One lady thought it was a 'germ phobia' I had. Whatever.

Thankfully times have changed here in America over the past 9 years. At least in my region, New England. Maybe in California they've been using totes for much longer. But not here. People are still a little confused when you pull one out, but at least they just think I'm a treehugger now versus some nutcase. Now cashier's ask me if I prefer the item in a bag or do I plan to just carry it bag-free out of the store. I pull out my tote now and no one objects or questions me. Times are a changin'. I'm so happy they are.

Do you get stink eye when you try to use a tote at your local store? Where do you live?

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(image from homegrown and the bug)