Front Opens! {Boston}

This one is for the Boston locals... You may have read about it in your morning Daily Candy but in case you missed it, Bob's Your Uncle opened a home and gift store over in Fort Point over the weekend called Front - how exciting! Martin sent over a few photos, of course some things are better in person so if you are able please try to get over there and show your support. I have to take my own advice, I was just in Boston yesterday and wished I had known about Front!

I really like the gray felt bird...

...and these little chalk tables.

It's encouraging to watch Fort Point grow, as I have a history in this city (we moved up from South Carolina in '87 because my father was involved in the initial planning for the Big Dig) and always felt like it was a gem in the making -- especially the waterfront. And I worked over the bridge near the post office on Summer Street for years, so I remember what it was and to see it being transformed into a thriving community for galleries, offices, and retail space is very exciting. Link here for news on the Fort Point redevelopment project.

Congratulations to Front and Bob's Your Uncle!

Location: 25 Channel Center Street, Fort Point, Boston.

(images from martin yeeles)