Abigail Brown

Warning: You will not be able to resist the following cuteness, I swear! So please... Don't even try. Just give in and look at Abigail Brown's darling artwork (and website) for your daily dose of cute.

I mentioned Abbie recently when I wrote about her masks over at Real Simple but I completely forgot to mention her on decor8. Until now, thanks to the talented interior stylist Selina Lake who sent over a link to Abigail's work asking that I consider it for decor8. I'm so grateful to readers like Selina who send over submissions. I wish I could reply to all submissions personally but being a one-girl operation, I can't seem to find time to connect with everyone until I beef up operations and hire a part-time assistant to help me out. Until then, please know that I do read all of my email and if I decide to write about what you've sent over, I will certainly let you know.

Now back to Abbie and her creatures. The matchbox birds are a personal favorite of mine. I'm also smitten by these delightful little three-dimensional kittens, raccoons, and birds because I'm so fond of all the texture and pattern living together like this. These are perfect for little children or for those of us who refuse to grow up (me!). Abbie also accepts commissions for any other creature of your liking. I think a white owl would be lovely, with big blue eyes and layer upon layer of fluffy feathers incorporating real feathers, fabric (Liberty prints are nice) and felt against a creamy white linen background with a stitched moon floating above and some jagged mountains along the horizon... See what your work does Abbie, it inspires me and so many others.

(images from abigail brown)