Hable Construction at Pottery Barn Kids

Did you know that this chair and ottoman can be found at Pottery Barn Kids in these lovely Hable Construction prints? It may be for the nursery (it rocks, literally) but I still love it. Wouldn't you like to see Pottery Barn expand to include benches, shower curtains, sofas and dining room seating using Hable fabrics?

I have a soft spot for this chair, it looks so cozy! My husband thinks we already have enough seating in our home (I have this thing for chairs you see) and I have no children to justify purchasing it for evening lullabies. I could easily turn my home into a sea of art, pillows, stationery, and chairs so he has a point. So let's look at the ottoman as a second option. I would like it in sky blue beads for instance. It would look so nice in a living room topped with a white lacquered tray, a few design books and a vase filled with peonies.

(image from pottery barn kids)