Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Here are some new finds from Etsy this week that you just may look at and say, "I have to have it!". Peonies, linen, wood, a conjoined couple, some softy storefronts... They're all here waiting to inspire - Enjoy!

Cool Citrus Basil in Singapore makes so many sweet little things that all look so delicate and pretty. I like that she works with a lot of linen because it's one of my fabric fabrics to wear and use in the home. I love the weave and how durable and comfortable it is. I someday want a linen chair upholstered using pale cream French vintage feed sacks accented with a few navy stripes.

K Studios designer Shelly Klein has a new etsy store where she offers original paintings and pillows. I just stumbled upon it today while searching for embroidered goods. This conjoined pillow made me laugh because I feel this represents my husband and I so perfectly since I often feel like our brains are connected. Our anniversary is next month so I guess with nearly 7 years behind us, 10 years total if you include the time we dated, it only makes sense that we'd start to know what is on the mind of the other. Some have this with their friends, parents, lovers, and it is just the best feeling in the world, don't you think? This pillow reminds us of the blessing we have to enjoy such bonds.

Lush pink peonies are my favorite flower but I find them incredibly difficult to keep indoors as the moment they are plucked from my garden, they fade and the beautiful petals start to fall. My mother has a background in floral designer so perhaps I should pick up the phone for some tips because she did not pass the green thumb to her daughter. :( But ah... Peonies. I especially enjoy the romantic modern photography of Kari Herer whom I read about today on Grace's blog. A peony photo (or two) is one sure way to preserve their beautiful petals forever in your home.

I shared these with you last week over in the Etsy Faves but I had to write a little something about Beacon Bookmarks because they are super cute, useful, and a good reminder to read more books. It seems like everyone does their reading online these days but I keep a few novels on my bedside table at all times -- currently I'm reading Empress by Shan Sa.

I also featured the adorable soft toys of Mummy Sam in my Etsy faves a few weeks ago but realized that giving her some blog space is a must since this artistic lady is nothing short of inspiring. I know where I'm going when I have children someday -- Mummy Sam's etsy shop! Wouldn't it be sweet to have a bench seat beneath the window in a nursery and a collection of these tall slim storefronts arranged on a pretty box cushion? I keep adding all of these things to my database for future reference as I really want to own my own storefront. I keep telling myself that I will have a Holly Shop. I think I can, I think I can! My husband and I had a really long conversation about it again last night and he is 100% behind me so we'll see what the future holds. Blogging from my little shop sounds like heaven, that way I can still mingle with all of you and meet new people and help build my community and support artists in a whole different way in addition to decor8.

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