O Table, Where Art Thou?

I found my dream dining room table in this month's issue of Danish design magazine BoligLiv. This image is from their website, so I have no way of checking the stocklist, but if you have the issue can you kindly let me know who the designer is and if there's a price quoted won't you please share?

I recognize the white Arne Jacobson chairs but since I've never seen this table before I have no clue who designed it upon first glance. It's so lovely. I'm sincerely interested in purchasing it as I need a table desperately and rarely come across things that I feel this attracted to at first glance. I hope it's affordable! I can only imagine, I am almost scared to ask. :-O

Here are a few more images from the same issue worth tossing in for the sake of enjoyment, Scandinavian interiors like these are enough to make one want to gut their apartment and start anew. They're so creative and seem to know how to style things perfectly. I like how they mix contemporary and clean with bold, whimsical styles that while they seem a bit all over the place at first glance, there is most certainly a reason behind it -- it's not a result of uncontrolled clutter.

(image from BoligLiv)