Bleu Nature

I am so happy that Bleu Nature has their site up in English in addition to French. I first wrote about them a few years ago but many readers (including myself) walked away feeling a bit frustrated because it was then only in French. Things have changed!

The Bleu Nature collection includes furniture and home accessories that are created primarily from driftwood giving them a bit of an untamed natural feel. I think these spaces look so peaceful and warm, I love the pairing of wood, white, and gray. The texture and organic shapes of everything really draws me in. Located near Lille in northern France, Bleu Nature also incorporates pebbles, lacquered wood and metal, leather, and petrified wood into their designs. The look is clean, modern, simple and definitely in touch with nature.

It may sound selfish to say this, and I certainly don't want to come across as some almighty American, but I hope that more and more companies go bilingual with their websites, especially in Europe and Japan. I know that it's not necessarily a must, but with America being such a huge consumer nation if other countries want to reach shoppers here or get their products into American stores, having English as an option is really important. I'm going to speak at an event in Berlin this September (more information to follow in August) and this is a key point that I want to make during my presentation on blogging and building a small business online -- add English to your website, even if in small doses. You can really reach out to a broader range of customers not only in the states, but all over the world.

With all that being said (so sorry to ramble), I encourage you to visit Bleu Nature. To locate a store nearest to you that carries their line, please click here.

Psst: I can totally see these living comfortably in a Beachy Keen room.

(images from bleu nature)