Pretty Office Accessories

I'd like to share a few products today to pretty up the office that, to borrow the expression from my pal Steven, make my heart go boom, boom, boom! And this isn't just for the work-at-home crowd... Even when I worked in corporate I decorated my offices and cubicles over the years. Of course, I had to maintain a professional workspace and exercise more restraint, but I still had things around that made the space fit my personality. Like you, I'm a very visual person so I require color and pattern to get through the day. It's perfectly fine to carve out a little spot that has your style written all over it, even in a sea of cubicles you don't have to conform to their vanilla little world... Throw in a little YOU! (What is UP with most American office design anyway? Ugh. Yuck.) I love seeing all of the Fall stuff slowly making its way into stores and Kate Spade already has her 09 desk calendars available (thanks Jon for the tip). I've always wanted one so just maybe I will order it for next year.

So! On with pretty things... Looking to make your office a nicer spot to hang out in? Here are some of my favorite things...

Cheri memo cube, White Cherish Labels for labeling jars, file folders, etc., report covers, Shemergency Survival Kit (not shown), and SusyJack anything... That girl is on fire, did you see her weekly paper clips and pencil cup holders?

The 2009 Kate Spade desk calendar, TokyoMilk perfumes (smelling pretty is always nice), Nacre Butterfly Knobs (Square is a good change to dress up the drawers), a girly Garden Glimpse Vases for your desk, graphic decorative file folders, and piles of paper organizing clips (love these things!).

And if you're pulling together a home office remember to build on the basics. I like to keep all of my office furniture the same color, my home office is white. This makes it easy for me to add or subtract color. Colors are layered in through fabrics, wallpaper, lighting, desk accessories, a throw rug, and art on the wall along with an inspiration board. My favorite affordable chair out there is the CB2 Surf chair and the parsons desk from Overstock looks just like the West Elm one but is a lot more affordable. If you want something different for the walls try sticking on these 3-d floral wall decals. Not pictured, but a nice find worthy of a mention is the new anglepoise-ish floor lamp in orange or white for $68 at Anthros. If you are looking to make your own curtains or cover a bench or chair, try the Inger fabric (new).

What is your favorite thing in your office? What product out there are you loving right now for the office? Comment with a link so we can all see! :)

(images linked to sources above)