Design Star Dish with Becky

Design Star Fans: I am so sorry. I was so excited about finding out who won Design Star that I totally forgot to watch it and write about it. I guess I had convinced myself that it was over and I never had to watch it again! I hate it when shows make you suffer through a reunion show just to find out the winner. If you missed it too, the winner announcement video is here.


Seeing some of these flashbacks made me realize how much more interesting it was on a drama level when people I didn't like were on the show. Is there anyone besides Matt or Jen you think should have made it to the final two? Who was your favorite? Least favorite? Was there one particular challenge-winning design that stood out from the rest? Do you think anyone unfairly got the shaft?

What do you think the winner's show should be called. So far, past winners have shows called Color Splash and Myles of Style.

What's the cheesiest and most pun-filled name you can come up with? Why doesn't Sparkle Josh have a show of his own? Oh wait, he is on a show, how did I miss this? He's hilarious. Maybe he and Blayne from Project Runway should make cameo appearances on Sunset Tan.

Alright, enough from me, what did you all think? - Becky Harris

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