How Flickr Can Inspire Creativity

Hello again everyone! It's Ez from Creature Comforts and I'd like to share a little bit of my inspiration process with you all today. It's very easy to look at a singular item and think to ourselves, I like that/I don't like that... but pulling together a cohesive "look" from these things can sometimes feel frustrating or even impossible. A couple of years ago I could never have looked at a beloved pile of magazine tears, nicknack's, and other odds and ends and described how they would translate into anything more than just a pile of jumbled inspirations. All this changed for me when I joined flickr (a fabulous photo sharing site) and began collecting "favorites" from fellow flickr member's photostreams. Suddenly there was a semblance of order to the things I liked. I spotted a trend immediately, and have been fascinated to see myself revealed through the collection of my favorites ever since. f you haven't tried flickr yet... I highly recommend it! So for today I've gathered several photos I saved on flickr and have used them to inspire a fictional office space that I'd love to have. In these photos I see: Beautiful flowery pinks, soft creamy whites, and rich wood tones... delicate romantic light and crisp modern accents.

{Flickr Favs}

  • Mary Goes Around by birth1226
  • J by Leo Reynolds {I love this bold modern typeface painted in bright pink... so playful and fun}
  • Red Peonies by Flower Press - {the colors in this beautiful fabric inspired the whole palette for the room}
  • Untitled by Letteria
  • Untitled by Sofia
  • Magic Number One by Miniature Mouse
  • Untitled by Fetie - {I see this photo representing gorgeous floor to ceiling cream toned curtains}

{Office Space} 1. "Love Candy" art print in cotton candy by Jennifer Ramos 2. Premier Wood Magnet Board at Fred Flare 3. Lip Balm Tint in Red Current by Perfumeria Gal, at BeautyHabit 4. Old School Lined Notebook by Bubbo 5. Pharmacy Desk Lamp at Crate and Barrel 6. Bayswater Bag in raspberry by Mulberry 7. Hulger - P*Phone and USB*Base in Pink at 2Modern 8. Reveal Desk at Crate and Barrel 9. Savoir Chair at Crate and Barrel 10. Walnut Desk Accessories at CB2 11. "Lawn" Fabric in Hot Pink by Flowie 12. Lost - Photographic Print by Sugar Snaps

View all of my favorites in one place right here.

Have a fabulous day! xo, Ez

(images linked to sources above. all words, layouts, and text by creature comforts.)