I'm Listening To...

I always love it when some of my favorite bloggers take a moment to share something a bit more personal on their blogs, usually things they do for fun like the films they watch or the music they're currently into.

Keren Rose


If you are a blogger I invite you to post the music that you're listening to this month on your blog and link your post back to this one and in the comments section below, share the link to your post so decor8 readers can click over to see what you're listening to. Consider yourself tagged! :) This will be quite fun and may open us all up to some new music. Honestly there is nothing better than a home filled with fresh flowers, good food, and good music in addition to a nice interior and some yummy cookies baking in the oven. :)


Room Eleven

So fellow bloggers, what you are listening to? I just pulled the stack of CD's on my shelf that I've purchased since coming here to Germany last month. See if we have any favorites in common and please, excuse my obsession with Greatest Hits CDs lately. I'm a bit obsessed with old school hits right now. I know, I know... Will Smith? you ask. I was listening to "A Nightmare on My Street" yesterday and nearly died laughing at the memories it brought back. After that I played MJ's, "Don't Stop 'Til Ya Get Enough" and couldn't help but recall when my mother bought me my first vinyl as a child and I played it so loud I nearly broke the speakers in my little orange record player... Talk about a blast from the past! Here is a taste of what I'm listening to lately...

  • Klee (German), Title: Berge Versetzen (crazy about!)
  • Keren Rose (French), Title: Rose (the best Sunday afternoon music)
  • Nylon (German), Title: 10 Lieder ?ber Liebe (oh this band is so jazzy and good)
  • Thomas Godoj (German), Title: Plan A (German pop but his voice is great)
  • Morrissey, Title: Greatest Hits
  • Abba, Title: Gold: Greatest Hits
  • Michael Jackson, Title: Off The Wall
  • John Mayer, Title: Heavier Things
  • Babyface, Title: Greatest Hits
  • Will Smith, Title: Greatest Hits
  • Ne Yo, Title: Because of You
  • Iron Man, Title: Movie Soundtrack
  • Moccabar Vol. 2 (Italian)
  • Room Eleven (Dutch) Title: Six White Russians and a Pink Pussycat (love!)

Your turn! You can either blog your favorites or if you don't want to blog them or if you do not have a blog, comment below. Can't wait to see your faves.

(images linked to bands above)