Top Design: The Weekly Dish

Ready to dish about Top Design again this week? Here's Becky from Hatch with the latest report... Take it away, Beckster! - Holly OK Top Design watchers - who caught it last night? If you didn't, don't worry, Bravo airs all of its shows about 500 times per week, but if you want to be surprised, DO NOT CLICK ON THE COMMENTS SECTION HERE; we will be talking about the final results!

So, one theme for the night was "sad dorm room." It's amazing how much a dorm room resembles a 12' x 14' bunker, except for that most of them are even smaller than that. Haven't the contestants seen those rockin' Target ads where the two new roommates throw their room together while dancing? Maybe some of them needed to dance more while accessorizing. My favorite part of the show was the FLIRTING between Wizit and Nathan. Wizit is a funny bird, Nathan is a pessimist who I actually really like. He obviously suffers from low self esteem, or high overestimation of his competition.

I thought Natalie and Theresa's room was not a "zen den" at all, and they get major points taken away for using the word "zen." I would NEVER chillax in there, because the decor would give me a migraine. Did Natalie steal that word from Jamie Kennedy? Todd was right on (he always is, have you noticed?) when he advised them with the old Diana Vreeland quote about taking one thing off, except they needed to take 30 things off. While I'm at it, Andrea and Eddie get points taken away for saying "bring the outdoors in," and while I have been keeping an open mind with Andrea, she said "my husband is Rick Schroeder" AGAIN and she put a picture of him in her room, so sorry Andrea, I'm over it. Shazi and Big Daddy get points taken off for saying "spa-like." These people clearly watch too much HGTV.

I want Eddie to win the whole thing so that he can become a judge in the future. He's hilarious and totally on point, well, except for that preschool classroom "Tree of Life" mural. When he said that Jennifer and Robert's room looked like "tribal meets Cape Cod," I about fell off the couch! That was exactly how my first-year roommate and I started out, only it was more like Malcolm X meets Laura Ashley. Anyway, I just really want to take Nathan, Big Daddy and Eddie to Mary's in East Atlanta to sing karaoke. I'll make sure none of them are sporting plumber's crack when they do. C'mon editors, did you REALLY have to include that?

So, enough from me, what did you think? Did the correct team win (I think NOT)? If not, who did you like them best? What did you think about the people who were sent home? Oh, I'm dying to talk about them and how one of their faces got redder and redder as the judging went on, but I won't spoil it! Have you EVER considered putting fruit on a wall? Do you like it when people stage a space that includes full place settings on the table? I've been to a friend's house where she does that and her wedding gift stuff is all set out but never used and is covered in dust - it's totally bizarre! Anyway, in the 30 minute planning session, what issues would you have addressed before devouring fabric samples? Which contestants addressed the issues the best? OK, and probably the most hair-raising issue to discuss, AGAIN...

Not just Kelly - did Jonathan just go see Get Smart? What's up with his outfit? He needs to take a few style cues on Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project.

(image from As I go to post, they don't have anything up from episode 2, so I had to take screen shots from one of their short videos.)