Top Design: The Weekly Dish

Ready to dish about Top Design again this week? Here?s Becky from Hatch with the latest...

Miss Kelly and her wild and crazy hair.

Wow! Without giving anything away, I was devastated by who was sent home this week on Top Design. I think the judges made a terrible choice, and that they are letting the talent go while letting the slackers slip on by. As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, so don't read the comments if you haven't caught the show yet and want to be surprised!

I LOVED this challenge. One of my favorite books is Confessions of a Window Dresser by Simon Doonan. Where was he??? I've seen him on the "coming up this season" teasers. So, my joy at this challenge was two-fold: One, not only did they design boutique windows, but two, they designed them for Project Runway alums. This included my all time favorite, Santino, and Andre, the subject of his Tim Gunn Red Lobster tales! Last year's winner Jeffrey looked like a cross between an bandito and a 70's actor from a dirty movie. Sweet Pea was as cool and helpful to her team as ever, as was Daniel, the man with 9 reality TV show lives.

A few comments on what went down:

Eddie seemed like he'd had ten gallons of coffee.

I knew Andre would pick Nathan as team leader, because it's an unspoken agreement between bald men. I learned this from Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Andre still has whacked-out verbal diarrhea crazy talk problems. A boring gray dress does not say anything about an election, unless you are throwing in 1980s Cold War American stereotypes about Eastern Europeans and what they had to wear under Communist Rule.

Sweet Pea ordered up a fantasy butterfly cocoon thing. I've said it once and I've said it again: I avoid butterflies at all costs in design because they make me think of Mariah Carey.

OK, what designer hasn't made several geeky trips to see showings of Blade Runner on the big screen? Wizit, Wizit, Wizit, let the rococo go go! Big Daddy said that Wizit was going for "Bloomingdales Foufou" which made me laugh. I love Big Daddy! I hope I run into him at IKEA really soon. Another great quote came from Preston, who was ordering Andrea to "put the bar in her butt...put her butt in the bar" regarding their mannequin.

Jonathan's face during the Nathan/Shaz description of political turmoil was PRICELESS! If someone looked at me like that I would cry. Oh wait, that has happened, and I did cry.

I LOVED Preston and Andrea's window. Black painted branches with crystals. They kept it minimal, they listened carefully to their client's ideas, and they didn't junk it up with a lot of craft store tchotchkes. It was also pretty easily executable in the time they were allotted.

So, enough from me. Did you think the right group won? If not, who was your pick? Do you think anyone who is left is coasting? Have you seen Blade Runner, or do you at least get the reference? What do you think of the very strict time constraints on this show? Do you think the results would be world's better if the contestants had 12 more hours of work time or 1/2 hour more of shopping time? Do you have a favorite window display you've seen in your lifetime that has stayed in your brain forever? Do you ever refer to a piece of clothing as a frock? And of course, discuss amongst yourselves... Kelly and her hair!

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